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To meet market demands, Honda has developed a network of high-volume motorcycle factories and local component suppliers throughout the region. Currently, there are nine motorcycle production facilities in seven countries 
Including India (with 3 facilities), Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. For parts manufacturing, Honda has five production facilities in three countries, which are Malaysia, Thailand (with 3 facilities) and Indonesia.
To ensure our products meet the diversified needs of customers in Asia
& Oceania, Honda has established motorcycle research & development
facilities in Thailand and India. Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.
in Bangkok and Honda R&D (India) Private Ltd. serve as focal points for
product development, engineering and design, prototype testing and
marketing research.
Honda is committed to proactively equipping our motorcycle products with innovative environmental technologies. For example, the PGM-FI fuel injection system in the Honda Click i for the Thai market reduced emissions
to meet Euro Emission Standards Level 6 even before the standard was officially announced. The emission rate is 80% lower than Euro Emission Standards Level 5. This third-generation PGM-FI technology, offered
as standard in all Honda motorcycle models in the region, will help create
a cleaner environment.

Honda actively promotes traffic safety as we commit to improve safety
for everyone on the road. We have established motorcycle riding schools and provide training courses in New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

We regularly organize rider safety training programs to educate the general public about safe riding techniques. In addition, we expanded our safety education program by providing dealers in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam
and India with easy-to-use riding simulators that offer realistic training
and riding practice.

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