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Under Honda’s Manufacturing Flexibility strategy, which created a product supply and procurement network among our worldwide operations, we can quickly respond to local customer needs in every market. Currently, Honda has automobile production facilities in eight countries including  India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan,
Thailand and Vietnam
In 2005, Honda established Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. in Thailand,
as the Asia & Oceania regional automobile R&D center to cover a broad range of research and development activities including product planning, product design, market research and testing.
With a commitment to protect the environment for future generations,
Honda continuously develops and introduces clean-technology for our cars.
Recently, we introduced a low-emission engine for the Honda Jazz, a 5-door
sub-compact hatchback, which meets the EURO4 emission level

Honda is committed to making products that provide high levels of safety
for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We constantly develop a wide range of safety technologies that help to avoid accidents, minimize injuries during accidents, and reduce the effects of collisions with other vehicles.

In addition to conventional barrier crash tests, Honda’s advanced indoor vehicle-to-vehicle crash safety testing center in Japan has played an
important role in the development of many crash safety improvements.
We also actively promote safe driving at Honda’s safe driving centers in Singapore, Australia and the Philippines.

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