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The HondaJet fulfills our longstanding dream of providing a new level
of mobility through personal aviation. It’s an advanced, light business
jet with a greater cabin and luggage space, better fuel efficiency,
and a  higher. cruising speed than other aircraft in its class. HondaJet’s advanced technologies such as the over-the-wing engine mount configuration, natural laminar wing and nose, and all-composite fuselage,
are bold departures from conventional light jet designs. Honda Aircraft Company was established in 2006 for the production and sales
of the HondaJet.

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With a dream that robots can help, Honda engineers set out in 1986 to create a walking robot. The result was ASIMO the world's most advance
 two-legged humanoid robot. ASIMO can run, turn smoothly, climb stairs, and carry objects. Now enhanced with intelligent technology, ASIMO has become a thinking machine that can avoid obstades and response to voice commands.

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