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Established in 1948, Honda has grown into a highly regarded global brand. Our motorcycles, automobiles,
and power products are found in almost every country. In order to offer our customers the speed, flexibility,
and efficiency of a smaller company, but backed by the global reach and technological strength of a large corporation, Honda has established six regional operations :
 North & Central America
 South America
 Europe, Middle East & Africa
 Asia & Oceania
As an advanced technology mobility company, research and development
activities are central to Honda’s global competitiveness and to our goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations by supplying them with over more 
affordable, quality products. In addition to Honda’s R&D activities focusing on our three core product areas, namely, motorcycles, automobiles
and power products, Honda is also undertaking R&D work that will benefit people in the future such as the humanoid robot ASIMO, The HondaJet,
and the hydrogen powered fuel-cell car FCX.

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